The initial treatment at Life Force Acupuncture and Wellness is 90 minutes.  This allows enough time to obtain a complete health history with a thorough intake, assess your condition, listen to your concerns, create an individualized treatment plan and provide an acupuncture treatment.  Treatment may also include the following modalities: tui na massage, cupping, electro-acupuncture, gua sha, and/or Chinese herbal medicine, if your condition requires it.  Follow-up visits are 60 minutes, where I will do a shorter intake of approximately 15 minutes to review improvements and changes and provide a treatment of acupuncture and other appropriate modalities for the remaining 45 minutes.  Wearing loose fitting clothing to your treatment is more conducive for evaluation, stretching, and accessing acupuncture points.  Loose clothing is helpful but not necessary as I can provide gowns and draping materials.