Welcome to Life Force

Maggie Hofferber L.A.c, MAcOM, NCCAOM® certified, certified Chinese Herbalist

Mission Statement

My mission at Life Force Acupuncture and Wellness is to provide you with an exceptional healing experience using various modalities tailored to your individual health care needs.   

I strive to treat the body holistically, promoting health and vitality. It is my goal to empower you through education and encourage your active participation on your journey to health. I will treat you with respect and compassion, always remembering that you are a person and not a list of symptoms.

Life Acupuncture is now billing insurance if your carrier is Blue Cross Blue Shield Montana, Allegiance, Pacific Source or Cigna, and your policy covers acupuncture.   Until coverage is guaranteed, payment is due at the time of your visit.  Please note that we cannot bill out-of-state insurance at this time.